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Minal 'Aidin wal Faizin
Mampukah setiap tahun bertambah baik?
Sebuah tantangan bagi siapapun. Jadikan Idul fitri sebagai mement yang indah dan tepat untuk setiap kali merubah diri menjadi pribadi yang jauh lebih baik, lebih peduli, jauh dari korupsi, jauh dari iri hati dan dengki... dan tentu saja ... jauh lebih lebih berharga dimata Allah dan dan sesama.

First E-mail From Anya

Good   afternoon,   Fajar.  I  am  glad  you  are  interested  in  our communication  as I am. Thank you so much for telling about yourself -nice  to  know more about you. You seem to be an interesting person, I hope we will keep in touch, and probably will meet some time:-) You  are interested why i don't have a boy friend already - there were a  lot  of  men who wanted to be with me, but all of them were looking just for several nights wit me and for nice looking girl to show their friends - I am here searching for a real man who will be interested in my  inner beauty. As for my past relationship - I am sorry but I don't like to discuss my ex boy friends or past relations - it won't help to build  future relations, because everything should be started from the
white  list  -  I mean new relations and there should not be any marks
like don't do that because her ex did like that.

As  for  the  place I live in - my dear, I live in Ukraine, and not in
Germany.  You  know,  when  I  registered at the site by an accident I
chose  the  wrong country. And after I couldn't correct it. I am not a
German  girl, I live in Ukraine. I hope this is not a problem for you.
Sorry  for  this  misunderstanding.  And also I do not know the German
language. Hope it won't be an obstacle for our future communication:-)

Today I was in a strange dreamy mood. Sometimes I'm dreaming too much.
My Mom and teachers at school used to tell me this since my childhood.
Now  my  dreams  are  more  common and down to earth, but still I just
can't  live  without dreams. Its the best way to relax I think. If you
like  I can tell you lots of funny stories like when I was at my first
grade  I  went shopping for bred and milk. On my way I was thinking of
something  and  lost  the money I had for it. I found out this only in
the  shop.  Mom  was  not happy about it. Another time I even got lost
myself.  I  was  sent to the post office and while imagining something
again  I  came some other road maybe and have understood that I didn't
know where I should go further to reach the post office. For my luck I
met some neighbors who brought me there. I think that maybe only girls
belive  in  fairy  - tales;-) I think because of this I get alone well
with  kids  now.  I'm  so proud when my friends' children like to play
with  me  or  invite  me to their birthdays. I still sometimes help my
friend's kids with their home tasks from school.

To  tell  you  more  about  my  dreams,  I'd like to say that I'm here
looking  for  that special somebody, my second half. All I hope for is
love  and  true  love  at that. Soul mates is a strong word to put out
here  and  I feel that's what I can find in you:-) Women usually dream
of  men like you but most of them just keep dreaming. I am glad that I
have a chance to know you:-)

I've  just  read  back  over my letter and I can't believe some of the
things  I've  said to you. I hope you won't think that I am strange:-)
Communicating  on  the Internet is easy - it seems easier to talk with
someone  more  openly  as if you have known them for some time.

Have a good day,

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