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Minal 'Aidin wal Faizin
Mampukah setiap tahun bertambah baik?
Sebuah tantangan bagi siapapun. Jadikan Idul fitri sebagai mement yang indah dan tepat untuk setiap kali merubah diri menjadi pribadi yang jauh lebih baik, lebih peduli, jauh dari korupsi, jauh dari iri hati dan dengki... dan tentu saja ... jauh lebih lebih berharga dimata Allah dan dan sesama.

Sweet E-mail from my friend from Ukrana

Hi  to  you, dear Fajar! I'm sending my greetings to you and hope that they  will  brighten  your day as yours always brightens mine! I would like  to  see  your smile:) I wish that I was there with you so that I could do something, anything that will bring sunshine into your day...I  read  you  letter and my heart pounds as I feel you are genuine and real in your words.

Your  every  word  touches  me so deeply! You are now constantly on my mind.  I  feel  really  good about you and you make me feel good about myself.  You  have  extended  an  openness  toward  me  ever since and including  your first letter, and have accepted me for who I am. And I appreciate  it  so  much!  I feel so fortunate that we have found each
other!!! You intrigue me;-) You arouse both my interest and curiosity. I  am  feeling closer and closer to you from your letters. It makes me happy to dream that we might be happy together. I feel really close to
you being so far. You are very special to me. I want you to know that I am serious and genuine and in a relationship I  will  make everything possible to make my partner feel the love and care  and I will make everything possible for a relationship to bloom. People say that love is like a butterfly in so many words, it brings a little  sunshine  to  our lives even on dark and gloomy days. They say
that  it  makes  our souls feel lighter just to know that it is there. People  say  that  gives our spirits wings, almost as if though we are floating in the air. It carries us to places that we never knew before and  it  comes  in many sizes, shapes and colors galore. Often when we see  it we wish to hold onto it tight, but just like a frail butterfly we  must allow it to fly free, for should we try to hold and put it in a  cage,  we surely will crush its wings, and it will never be able to fly  again.  To  keep  love  glowing  in  our hearts everyday, we must
remember  to  give  some of it away. I will never make my partner feel like in cage - I belive that people who love each other and care about each  other  do  not  make  the  partner suffer, I will never make any
boundaries or dictate - it is not of my nature.

I  am  thinking of the possible moment when we meet can each other and
what  we  will  do  then!  It's  now  in my head and I can't get these
thoughts out of it.

I have so warm and tender feelings for you,
your sweet Anya.

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