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Minal 'Aidin wal Faizin
Mampukah setiap tahun bertambah baik?
Sebuah tantangan bagi siapapun. Jadikan Idul fitri sebagai mement yang indah dan tepat untuk setiap kali merubah diri menjadi pribadi yang jauh lebih baik, lebih peduli, jauh dari korupsi, jauh dari iri hati dan dengki... dan tentu saja ... jauh lebih lebih berharga dimata Allah dan dan sesama.

E-mail dari sahabat baru di Ghana

Efa adalah seseorang yang suka bergaul, untuk saat ini EFA telah bersahabat dengan cewek dari ukraina namanya Leslie Williams, ini dia email yang tealah dikirim untuk EFA dan juga fotonya  

How are you doing my deary is really nice to read from you, you dont need to apologies for not being able to reply me on time, maybe it was because you where busy with work, since you have been honest with me i think i have to do the same, let me tell you why i went to the USA, i went to the USA with a scholarship to study nursing at Keiser Career College in Miami, after that i had to return to my country because my period of time they gave me was over,and i did not want to have any problem with the Government and i had to leave Arizona,

When i was there i try dating a man who had everything in life but he never knew how to treat a lady, he use to abuse me and always insulted me in in front of his friends, i was almost like a slave to him, because of that  i decided to never to fall in love again, but sometimes i feel lonely and i wish have a man to call my own, i am very friendly and fun to be with, i love dancing and going out with some friends, i am  faithful, trust worthy and very honest lady,i am intelligent and hard working too, i always wish to see my partner happy even if is going to hurt me..

There are some few little things that makes me fall for a man, like always checking up on me, very romantic and good in bed,i like a man who do not get upset so easily for just a little thing,

this are the few things i need to tell you about me, so if you are still interested in getting to know me please let me know so that we see what God has in stored for us, thank you very much and i hope to read from you soon...This pictures are from me to you....i hope you will like them.
I am now in my country Ghana ....


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