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Minal 'Aidin wal Faizin
Mampukah setiap tahun bertambah baik?
Sebuah tantangan bagi siapapun. Jadikan Idul fitri sebagai mement yang indah dan tepat untuk setiap kali merubah diri menjadi pribadi yang jauh lebih baik, lebih peduli, jauh dari korupsi, jauh dari iri hati dan dengki... dan tentu saja ... jauh lebih lebih berharga dimata Allah dan dan sesama.

Kumpulan E-mail dari Sahabat di Ukraina I

Hi, Fajar, have just received your e - mail and hurry to reply it. How
are you doing? I hope fine and everything goes fine for you there. How
is  the  weather  where  you  are  today? Thank you very much for your
letter, it is very pleasant for me to get acquainted with you:-)

I'm  so glad to have your reply today! When I saw 

your profile for the
first time I wanted to ask you so much and to tell you even more about
myself to make you to be interested in me, but now I got lost and even
do not know where to start:)

I've  just  finished my work about half an hour ago. I work as a nurse
in  hospital  by the way. My day at work went well. I like my job very
much. I'm a kind of person who can't just sit and do nothing, it's not
about  me.  I'm  always active and need to be occupied with something.
Even  during  the  weekend I find lots of things that are needed to be
done  about  the house or to I help neighbors or friends. That is what
my  parents  have  taught me in life - to treat everyone like you want
them to treat you, also they have showed me a good example of family -
they  are  together  for 30 years now and still love and care for each
other.  As  for my parents, so they are retired already. They are very
communicative and nice people. Have a lot of friends.

Also some information about me:
date of birth - 13.08.1983 Leo
live in Zaporozhie, Ukraine
rent the flat with friend
never been married
no kids, but want in future
do not have a boyfriend
like good weather, nature, flowers, milk chocolate, cats
dislike liars, wars, politics (at least our)

I hope that you will reply me soon. And I hope that I haven't bored you.
Have a nice day,

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  1. Very good friendship....go on...

    1. YEAH that's right, actually I miss her so much but she never reply my email again

  2. wah keren ni dapat teman dari luar negeri


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